You are never too old to play the drums.

Do not let your age deter you from playing the drums you have always longed of. The sky is the limit. Our oldest student is 65 this year and we hope to break this record!

Because we care about your growth, a weekly commitment is required to ensure consistent progress in your learning journey. Therefore, if you must cancel your lessons, we do not offer replacement lessons.

If you are searching for a school with a flexible cancellation policy, we are not the best option for you.

You may enrol in our business course. Simply attend four instead of 11 lessons in each term.

Our courses are not cheap, but they are the most cost-effective. Please book a trial lesson to experience our teaching methods before making any major decisions.

The costs vary depending on the course you enrol in. If you enrol in a weekday Grade 1 quarterly course (11 lessons), your first payment would be as follows:

Senior Instructor Tuition Fee – $715
Withdrawal Deposit (one-time) – $150
Lesson Materials (per grade) – $90
Registration Fee (one-time) – $60
Total: $1015 (before promotional discount)

You have the option of paying monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on the course you enrol in. Each course has a different price and duration. The duration of our recurring courses are as follows:

Monthly – One month (4 lessons)
Quarterly – Three months (11 lessons)
Yearly – One year (44 lessons)
Business – Three months (4 lessons)

Please see this page for more information.

A student typically learns for two to three years (completing Grade 3 or 4) before gaining the ability to learn on their own.

An average student takes three to six months to complete Grade 1. As there is no fixed date for course completion, your performance and progress will determine when you complete it.

We do not accept instalment payments.

Because we are committed to helping you.

As Singapore’s only and only drum school that is dedicated to adults, thousands of adult drum students have proudly called J Music their home since 2013.

If you’re willing to push yourself and learn from the best in the most conducive adult environment, book a trial lesson now.

Yes. As drums is a hands-on instrument, it is almost impossible to progress without sufficient practice. Not owning a drum set is like attending school without completing your assignments at home.

Regrettably, because our studios are mostly occupied for lessons, we do not loan them out to students for drum practise. All students are required to purchase a drum set before beginning their journeys. If it is not possible for you to have a drum set at home, you can practise at the Silent Studio at Esplanade Library for a very affordable price.

No, we do not offer home lessons.

Unfortunately, we do not accept SkillsFuture Credit.

The trial lesson is designed for students who wish to learn for the long term.

For short-term commitment (such as birthday surprises), please book an à la carte lesson or sign up for our monthly course instead.

Yes, we do. Children over the age of seven are welcome to enrol in our drum courses.