About Jason


Hey, Jason here. I am the founder of J Music where we teach adults how to play the drums they have always longed for and assist them in achieving a work-life balance.

I began teaching drums in a music school over a decade and a half ago as a way to supplement my income while studying.


I was teaching students of all ages. After two years on the job, I noticed a gap in the music education industry.

There were no schools dedicated to teaching adults simple and authentic drumming.

Almost every school catered to children.

I also realised that adults learn differently from children.

They desired a curriculum that was less rigid but still systematic, as well as the opportunity to play more songs in between lessons.

Most of them were also too shy to attend classes in a school dominated mostly by children.

I discovered my true calling: educating adults and providing a conducive environment for them.


I left the school and founded J Music, Singapore’s first adult-only drum school.


I created an entirely new system for my adult students so that they could fully experience the joy of learning the drums. I: 

  • wrote the J Music textbooks from scratch.
  • added voice count to audio tracks.
  • added click track to audio tracks
  • transcribed drum scores from almost every genre.
  • wrote lesson notes for students after each lesson.
  • followed up with students after each lesson to ensure that their learning continued outside of the classroom.
  • filmed my students during lessons so they could evaluate their own performance.
  • filmed my students for drum covers.

My greatest desire is for drumming to be a part of your life and something you look forward to every day, regardless of your age or musical background.


If you’re wondering what the J in J Music stands for, it stands for Jason. I wanted a name that was close to my heart because I knew this would be a lifelong mission to spread the love of drums to all adults.

If my story has inspired you to take up drumming, book a trial lesson right away. My team and I look forward to impart our knowledge to you!

Fun Facts

  • I enjoy photography as a hobby. Most of the pictures you see on this website were taken by me.
  • I am obsessed with Japan and Japanese music. My retirement plan is to learn and become proficient in Japanese.
  • I studied drumming under Mr. Jimmy Lee, a well-known drummer in Singapore.
  • I am a huge fan of the late John Blackwell, Teddy Campbell, Jost Nickel, Anika Nilles, Michael Schack, and Gavin Harrison.
  • I am a father of two boys and the husband of a beautiful lady.
  • The school is closed on Sundays because I go to church to worship the Lord.