About Jason


Hey, Jason here. I am the founder of J Music where we teach adults how to play the drums they have always longed for.

I began teaching drums in a music school over a decade and a half ago as a way to supplement my income while studying.


I was teaching students of all ages, but after two years on the job, I noticed a significant gap in the drum education industry that needed to be addressed.

There seemed to be a lack of drum schools dedicated specifically to teaching adults in a simple and authentic way.

Most schools primarily catered to children, and as a result, adults often felt left out or uncomfortable in that environment.

It became clear to me that adults have distinct learning needs and preferences compared to children.

They desired a curriculum that was less rigid but still systematic, allowing them the flexibility to explore their musical interests and play more songs between lessons.

Additionally, many adults were too shy or self-conscious to attend classes in a school dominated mostly by children.

Recognising this gap,

I discovered my true calling: to educate adults by providing a conducive and supportive environment for their drumming journey.


With this vision in mind, I made the decision to leave my previous school and founded J Music, Singapore’s first adult-only drum school.


At J Music, I embarked on a mission to bring a fresh perspective to adult drum education.

I developed an entirely new system tailored to the unique needs of my adult students so they can fully experience the joy of learning the drums.

Here are some of the key elements that set J Music apart:

  • Comprehensive Learning Materials: I personally wrote the J Music textbooks from scratch, ensuring they were specifically designed for adult learners. These materials provide a solid foundation and guide students through their musical development.
  • Enhanced Audio Tracks: I added voice count and click tracks to the audio materials, making it easier for students to follow along and maintain rhythm and timing while practicing.
  • Diverse Drumming Styles: Recognising the diverse musical tastes of my students, I painstakingly transcribed drum scores from almost every genre. This allows my students to explore and learn the music they love, expanding their musical horizons.
  • Individualised Support: I go above and beyond by providing detailed lesson notes for each student after every lesson. Furthermore, I follow up with my students regularly to ensure their learning progress continues outside of the classroom, offering guidance and support whenever needed.
  • Self-Evaluation and Performance Opportunities: To facilitate growth and self-assessment, I film my students during lessons, allowing them to review and analyse their own performances. Additionally, I encourage my students to showcase their skills by filming drum covers so that they can share their passion with others.

My ultimate desire is for drumming to be deeply rooted in your everyday life, regardless of your age or musical background.


That’s why I chose the name J Music, with the “J” standing for Jason, as this endeavour is deeply personal and represents my lifelong mission to spread the love of drums to all adults.

If my story has inspired you to embark on your own drumming journey, I encourage you to book a trial lesson with us today.

My dedicated team and I eagerly await the opportunity to share our knowledge, expertise, and passion for drums with you.

Together, let’s make drumming an enriching and fulfilling part of your life.

Fun Facts

  • I love photography and took most of the pictures on this website.
  • I’m obsessed with Japan and Japanese music, and I plan to learn Japanese in my retirement.
  • I studied drumming under Mr. Jimmy Lee, a renowned drummer in Singapore.
  • I’m a huge fan of the late John Blackwell, Teddy Campbell, Jost Nickel, Anika Nilles, Senri Kawaguchi, Tamu Murata, and Gavin Harrison.
  • I’m a proud father of two boys and blissfully married to a wonderful woman.
  • Sundays are dedicated to worshiping the Lord at church.
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