Adult Drum Lessons in Singapore

Simple adult drum lessons that will bring you joy, give you a sense of accomplishment, and a fulfilling retirement hobby.

J Music - Adult Drum Lessons - Adult Students

Why Do We Only Offer Adult Drum Lessons?

Because we are on a mission to teach adults how to play the drums they have always longed for and to assist them in achieving a work-life balance.

  • Do you find it scary to learn alongside children in music schools?
  • Do you think you are too old to play the drums?
  • Do you believe you lack a sense of rhythm?
  • Do you think your drumming skills are at a “kindergarten” level?
  • Are you worried that not having any experience in music will stop you from getting better?

Look no further. We are here to provide you with a tailored drumming experience designed exclusively for working adults and retirees, making it possible for you to embrace your passion and become the drummer you have always wanted to be.

Imagine a drum school where you are surrounded by like-minded adults who share your love for drumming.

At J Music, we understand that many adults feel self-conscious about learning alongside children.

That is why we have created a welcoming and supportive environment specifically for working adults and retirees who are eager to explore the world of drumming.

Say goodbye to feeling out of place and hello to a community that celebrates your musical aspirations.


Our Adult Students

Francis is a skilled surgeon with a deep love for rhythms. As retirement approaches, he has decided to make drumming his lifelong and fulfilling hobby.

Allen is a software engineer working towards becoming a commercial pilot. His biggest dream is to master the complex rhythms of Tamil songs.

Swee Ink is a housewife who started playing the drums to jam with her children to Mandopop songs at home.

Katrina (陸家梅) is a prolific Taiwanese writer who found her love for drumming after moving to Singapore in 2020. Her goal is to pass drum exams up to Grade 6 to achieve her musical aspirations.

Kam, a former CFO, is the oldest student at 66 in J Music. Despite lacking a musical background, he’s determined to play all Beyond tracks and excel in Grade 8 drum exams by the age of 70.

Peng Hong, a business coach, began his drumming journey in January 2018 without any musical background. Apart from his lessons, he arranges jam sessions with his scout friends to play classic Chinese songs.

Ismail is an operations specialist who has a passion for Japanese music. Despite his busy schedule, he dedicates time to practice before each drum lesson to make the most of it.

Serene is an events manager who remains dedicated to her long-standing hobby from her university days. She practises diligently and occasionally cuts short her overseas trips to ensure she can attend her drum lessons.

Bert is an auditor whose love for drums is admirable. He went from struggling to coordinate his limbs to now being able to play his favourite classic rock tunes.

Shi Ning is a claim specialist with a secret dream of becoming a drum instructor one day.

Ming Jun is a technology consultant with a deep passion for drums. He’s a fan of Jay Chou and Japanese music, and he loves making drum covers from from the comfort of his home.

J Music - Adult Drum Lessons - Student - Xue

Picture yourself being guided by patient and understanding instructors who have dedicated their careers to helping adults like you discover the joy of drumming.

They will break down complex techniques into easy-to-follow steps, ensuring that every lesson is engaging, enjoyable, and tailored to your individual learning style.

You will feel supported every step of the way as you develop your drumming skills and build a strong foundation.

J Music - Adult Drum Lessons - Google Review Logo

We are proud to be the most cost-effective option in terms of both time and money, as evidenced by the 5-star honest reviews written by our students who have been learning with us for more than a year.

Their testimonials on Google speak volumes about the quality of our instruction, the supportive community we have built, and the value we provide.

It is never too late to follow your passion—take the leap and let us be your trusted guide on this transformative drumming adventure.

How Do We Help You?

100% Adult Environment

Learn in a supportive environment designed for adults, tailored teaching methods, and a comfortable atmosphere.

Proven Curriculum

Step-by-step instructions that cover everything from basic drumming techniques to advanced rhythms and stylistic studies, all designed to help you become a versatile drummer.

High-end Drum Kits

Prestigious Roland drum kits with fantastic sound and features that will optimise your learning experience.

Weekly Recordings

Get regular recordings of your performances during lessons, allowing for self-assessment, improvement, and creating a personal drumming portfolio.

Student Portal

Access learning resources, notes and exercises conveniently through J Music’s dedicated student portal.

Premium Drum Scores

Accurately written and nowhere else to be found. From K-pop to J-pop to Mandopop to Christian drum scores, there’s something for everyone.

Trial Lesson

Are you ready to embark on an exciting new hobby? Join us for our drum trial lesson and experience the joy and excitement of drumming.

During this one-on-one session, we will guide you through the fundamentals of drumming, helping you develop your rhythm, coordination, and technique. The best part?

No musical background is required!

This trial lesson is the perfect opportunity to experience firsthand the thrill of drumming and discover your hidden talent.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have some musical background, our experienced instructors will tailor the lesson to your skill level and ensure you have a fantastic time.

Book your one-on-one trial lesson today and and kickstart your journey toward becoming a skilled drummer.

3 Things You Can Expect from the Trial Lesson

1. You will have a fantastic time playing drums for the first time.
2. You will feel satisfied and accomplished as you learn to coordinate your arms and legs in new ways.
3. You will get a chance to try out our teaching methods before making any big decisions.

3 Things You Should Not Expect from the Trial Lesson

1. You will not be able to play a difficult song right away.
2. There are no shortcuts to becoming a skilled drummer.
3. You will not become an expert drummer in just 30 minutes.

What is included in the trial lesson:

Adult Drum Lessons - Trial Lesson Feature

Deluxe eBook packed with 26 carefully crafted exercises, 4 engaging mini songs, and an extensive collection of 64 backing and metronome tracks (worth $60).

Adult Drum Lessons - Trial Lesson Feature 2

Maximise your savings. Sign up on the same day to enjoy waived trial and registration fees, receive a free pair of TAMA 5B drumsticks, and get a $60 discount on tuition fees (worth $165).

Adult Drum Lessons - Trial Lesson Feature 3

Personalised guidance to determine which of our courses aligns best with your needs and goals.

Book your one-on-one trial lesson now and enjoy instant confirmation.

Limited trial slots are filling up quickly.

Don’t miss out on an additional 5% discount for your trial lesson! Use the coupon code 5OFFTRIAL. Offer expires on 30 November 2023.


Director (Jason)
(U.P. $80)

Senior Instructors
(U.P. $70)


30 minutes

Important Information

1. This booking is strictly for one student. If you and a friend are interested in the trial lesson, please make two separate bookings and payments.
2. Please note that once payment is made, it is non-refundable under any circumstances.
3. During the trial lesson, you will have the opportunity to play on a high-end electronic Roland drum kit.
4. In the event that you decide to enrol, a different instructor may be assigned to you.
5. Trial discounts only apply to first-time inquiries.

Birthday Surprises

Typically, we do not offer trial lessons as a birthday surprise, as they are designed for students who plan to learn long-term.

However, we recommend booking an à la carte lesson instead.

The 60-minute duration of the lesson would be more beneficial for a birthday surprise and provide a meaningful learning experience.

Drum Insights

Tap into your rhythmic potential. Learn to play a catchy basic drum beat effortlessly in 3 simple steps, regardless of your musical background.

Trinity Drum Exams


While 90% of adult students have no desire to take the drum exams, our stellar drum exam record ensures that the remaining 10% are well taken care of should they feel compelled to take the Trinity drum exams to meet their self-actualisation needs.

Our outstanding and qualified instructors will guide you through the process of achieving excellent results while keeping the experience enjoyable and relaxing.


Hello, I’m Jason, the founder of J Music, Singapore’s premier adult-only drum school. We specialise in teaching adults the drums they have always longed to play while supporting them in achieving a healthy work-life balance.

I began teaching drums in a music school over a decade and a half ago as a way to supplement my income while studying.

I noticed a gap in the drum education industry after two years on the job.

There were no drum schools solely dedicated to teaching adults, as most schools focused on children.

I realised that adults have different learning needs and desired a more flexible curriculum, along with the opportunity to play songs outside of lessons.

Many adults felt uncomfortable attending classes dominated by children.

Inspired by this gap, I founded J Music, Singapore’s first adult-only drum school.

My goal is to make drumming a part of every adult’s life, regardless of age or musical background.

The “J” in J Music stands for Jason, reflecting my personal commitment to spreading the love of drums to adults.

Find out more about me.

Meet Your Instructors

Ee Ling

Adult Drum Lessons - J Music Instructor - Ee Ling

Meet Ee Ling, an accomplished and enthusiastic drum instructor who specialises in teaching adults.

In just three years, Ee Ling has built a solid foundation in drumming and mastered a wide range of drum beats, rhythms, rudiments, and techniques.

What sets Ee Ling apart is her ability to teach a huge variety of songs, including Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese. Her in-depth knowledge of each genre enables her to provide an engaging learning experience for adult learners.

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the drums for the first time or an advanced drummer looking to improve your skills, Ee Ling is the perfect instructor for you. You will be well on your way to playing the drums you have always longed for with her guidance and support.

Glenn Lee

Adult Drum Lessons - J Music Instructor - Glenn Lee

Over the last 9 years, Glenn has been teaching drums at several renowned music schools and through this, he had the opportunity to meet students from all walks of life.

Working with so many different students helped him discover that each one of them faced unique challenges while learning to play the drums. Through his experiences with them, he developed effective methods that his adult students could use to overcome their obstacles whilst learning.

Glenn has performed for local artists such as Olivia Ong, Kelvin Tan Wei Lian (陈伟联), NEKO Highway (貓速公路) and Shelby Wang (王曉敏). He is also the drummer of local band, Too Much Drama (TMD).

Glenn was one of the few top scorers who had received full marks in the Trinity College London Grade 8 drum examination.


Here’s what our students have to say about their experience with us:

Since this Jan I joined J Music for adult drum lessons, I have to say this is the most pleasant experience I have had so far in a local music school. My instructor Jason is super patient, kind and professional. He can always spot the hiccups and inconsistencies. And he’s very dedicated to good quality music education. If you are looking for progress, I am very proud to say J Music is the one you are looking for.
Gong Xue

Assistant Professor

I’m 62 years old, I’ve been with J Music for three years, and I’m still learning from Jason. Jason is a very experienced drum instructor who is flexible to my progress and song preferences. He is strict and expects high standards, but he encourages me to keep going. His lessons are systematic and effective. If you’re looking for a high-quality drumming instructor, I’d certainly recommend him.
Peng Hong

Business Coach

Jason is a good teacher. He has a good ear, and is able to pick up flaws in my playing very quickly, and correct them with simple methods. Age is no barrier to learning how to play the drum. We progress at our own paces, but with every lesson, you will get better and more proficient. I am able to drum along to many of my favourite songs now.

General Practitioner

As a 64-year-old student, I would describe the initial journey as “sweet and sour.” But now I can play 22 songs as well as one song (by Beyond) that I specifically requested from Jason, my trainer. J Music’s video recordings are one of the good values they offer. Every time I record a video, it improves my drumming skills. Playing the drums is now a part of my life.



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